Acesori Lens Kit

December 28, 2017

Why spend lots of money for a camera? Unless being a pro and taking hundreds of photos every day.
Most phones and even tablets offer excellent resolution. Plus, always in a pocket or bag, ready to take a photo, and send it to social medias. See something, take a pic, send it. Done!
Why bother with a big, expensive, complicated DLSR camera?
The answer could be one simple word: lens. To be able to change lens, fisheye, wide angle or macro.
Well, not really. I have been using the Acesori 3 lens for quite some time and really like it. They are made of anti-scratch glass with a coating to reduce glare and reflection.

Again, no comparison with DLSR cameras, but in terms of price no comparison either.
I usually carry several tablets and phones in my bag. So, prefer the clip-on version. The other version comes with a magnetic ring to install around the phone or tablet camera lens to switch easily between wide angle, fisheye or macro.
For less than $15, this 3-lens kit makes you thing twice before purchasing a sophisticated and very pricey DLSR camera.

Trackable Battery Pack

April 23, 2017

The Nomad Advanced Powerpack is a small external battery pack with one interesting feature, it can be tracked.
Install on your Android or iPhone the Tile app, scan the QRcode, and in case you cannot find the battery, via Bluetooth, the app will located it.

The unit comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable, it has one USB-C 3A port to charge it, one USB-C 3A. and USB-A 2.4A ouput ports