Backpack Book

To carry your MacBook or even books, here are the "book backpack" and the "book messenger bag", old style.
There is even a book pillow .

Size: 12″(w) x 16″(h) x 3″(d). The laptop pocket is 10-1/4″ (w) x 13-1/2″(h) x 1″(d).

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Nice, simple gift for your favorite nomad, a useful bandana like a survival knots bandanas for example.

For star-lover nomads, a bandana that glows in the dark with printed North America summer night sky.

100% cotton 22″ x 22″ square. There is even a printed game board with four games, tic-tac-toe, marbles, checkers, dots and boxes.
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Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

This headlamp has a lot of options to set different light levels and the band around the head to hold the lamp is very easy to adjust.
The three main options are:
- 1 white LED, for distance of proximity light
- 2 white side LEDs for peripheral vision
- 2 red LEDs for night vision

All settings are set with one button on top.
Click once for distance lighting, click off and on, for proximity vision, click twice to get again full intensity for the distance LED. Press to adjust the intensity.
For night vision, hold for 3 seconds to get the red light, then you can dim the red light, a click to get red light strobing. Three clicks from the distance LED to get the white strobing. There is a lock mode to avoid switching on the lamp during the day and depleting the battery, hold the top button for 6 seconds. To get back to the light mode, hold again the button for 6 seconds. There is also an indicator for the battery status, yellow to indicate it is low and need to be recharged. The lamp is powered by 4 AAA-batteries.

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